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Doctor, professor of medicine, writer, involved in associational life and expert in ethics.

As a practicing physician committed, for several years, to the fight against kidney disorders, the professor Amal BOURQUIA counts as one of the pioneers of nephrology in Morocco.

Her qualities, both human and professional are acknowledged not only on a national level, but also internationally, and her numerous actions in favor of people with kidney diseases in Morocco are highly acclaimed by the nephrology community.

As a passionate of nephrology, her carrier started in 1980, after making it through the entrance exam, and landing an internship in Casablanca University Hospital (CHU de Casablanca), making her, at that point the first intern coming from her university.

In 1990, she was appointed as a Professor of nephrology and pediatric nephrology at the Faculty of Medicine of Casablanca.

Her services to the hospital, her enthusiasm and her dedication allowed her to actively take part in the creation and development of many therapeutical programs, such as acute and chronic hemodialysis, peritoneal and pediatric dialysis, as well as the initiation of renal transplant of which she counts as one of the forerunners in the country.


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Her love and compassion for children with kidney diseases, and her interest in pediatric nephrology, compelled her to create and run the first Pediatric Nephrology and Hemodialysis Center in Morocco, at Casablanca Children Hospital. She becomes, therefore, the first Professor specialized in this discipline in Morocco.

After a long and fruitful carrier as a professor at the Casablanca University Hospital (CHU de Casablanca), she decides to head towards the private sector and found : AL Amal Center (127, Bd Victor-Hugo Casablanca), a care facility dedicated to nephrology-hemodialysis who enables to care not only for children, but also adults with kidney diseases.

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